Oddsmakers don’t see Russell Wilson leaving the Seahawks


Last week, agent Mark Rodgers said that client Russell Wilson: (1) has not asked to be traded; (2) wants to stay in the Seattle; and (3) in the event he were to be traded, he’d accept a trade to the Raiders, Bears, Cowboys, or Saints.

That clear signal to the Raiders, Bears, Cowboys, or Saints has yet to significantly move the needle in the betting markets.

PointsBet has the Seahawks as the clear favorites, at -1250, to be the next team for which Wilson takes a snap. Of the potential alternate locations, the Raiders (sorry, Derek and David) are the favorites at +450. Next are the Cowboys at +650, followed by the Saints at +750 and the Bears at +900.

The next team on the list is the Jets, at +2500. That number makes sense, since the Jets aren’t one of the team that Rodgers said Wilson would play for. That said, it’s possible that Rodgers has other teams that he didn’t mention, and that he only mentioned the four he did for strategic reasons that aren’t immediately obvious. Two years ago, there were whispers of New York being a potential destination for Wilson, with the Giants being the team that was mentioned. Now, the Jets have the draft capital to potentially make it happen, if Wilson would be willing to accept a trade there.

The longest of all longshots are the Chiefs, at +50000. Frankly, that number should be even higher than that.